What's Blogging?

I think I temporarily forgot about blogging the past couple of weeks. I don't just mean I forgot to post. I mean that I completely forgot blogging existed. I didn't post. I didn't read other's posts. I didn't even think about reading other's posts and then choose not to. I forgot. That is so wierd, because I had become a daily peruser of my friends blogs.

I think it all began when I realized I had to kick it into high gear for my Master's class weekend Feb. 3-4. I had a lot to write. Way more to read and a long 3 days of class (not to mention the 3rd was my wife's B-day and I had to make the 2 hour trek back home for the surprise celebration for her only to head back the next morning. 6 hours driving in 24 hours time... I actually enjoy that kind of stuff.). I think that all the commotion and motion threw me off and jostled me from my new routine of being refreshed by my friend's blogs.

Today I saw a short video on-line and one of the guests wrote a book about how blogging is changing the world we live in. It woke me from my slumber and I began to surf. Eric had written more in the past two weeks, than he had in a few months (including an awesome quote from his pal's blog concerning fasting... which I read to my community tonight after dinner). Kevin had been bogging away at his normal, good, regular, quality pace. Others had done the same. So... I caught up on my reading, thought I would explain my absence and now I am done... almost...

Life has been sweetly complicated lately. I thought there was a decent chance two of my best friends were moving here, but they aren't. My pastor and church are moving in a unique, very exciting, very decentralized, very fresh, very deprogrammed direction, but I wish it were here now, instead of way down the road. My community who eats together still does so, but feels like it needs some juice, some life, some challenge, some spark, some passion... or maybe it is fine and I just need that inside. My "job" feels good right now, I like what is happening in the group, I like my role, I like where we are headed, but I want more... of something. My mind is active with fresh vision/new ideas/hungering for passion/desiring adventure, but I feel that I must wait, rather than pursue these things.

Basically, I feel called to be where I am at, and yet something lurks and draws me to something else. That "something" could be here or not here, it could be soon or far away, it could be God-motivated or self-motivated, it could anything. What it is for now is a feeling. I can't wait to find out what it is, when it is and where it is... even if the "something" is here. That part doesn't matter as long as God will give me more passion, more fire, more freedom, more of Him and more of His Vision.
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