1 Month Ago...

a lot changed for us.

A few observations:
* I love my wife
* I love my daughter

* I love house church
* I love our house church
* House church is our niche
* I can't imagine...
* I love preaching in strange places (Kenton last week) to people I don't know. It is refreshing and exciting to meet new people and speak the truth.
* I love using my gift of encouragment and friendship more in district and local ministry areas.
* I love the eccumenical amazingness that is going on in Findlay
* I can't believe how much hope God has infused into our future
* I am really into my job.
* I am a workaholic. It was not the church's nor God's fault. It is my nature, especially if I enjoy what I am doing... and get paid for it.
* I am very driven and assertive in the workplace
* I like responsibility
* Sometimes I am confused about what the truth is lately
* Sometimes I feel a bit bewildered
* Sometimes I am afraid I could lose sight of "my call" if I weren't careful, and get too caught up in my work
* Sometimes I sense that I am too critical of others and other churches.
* Sometimes I feel that if I really shared my gut level feelings no one would like who I truly am.
* Sometimes I am confident I know nothing.
* I found a lot of value in being on staff/a pastor/clergy. I have had to deal with the fact that I can't misplace my worth in that vocation any longer. I must find my worth/value in God alone. I just really don't know what that means half the time.
I really didn't mean for this post to go half as deep as it did.
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