It wasn't my reunion year, but it was a time of reuniting for sure. It is always nice to make plans to see old friends, but sometimes surprises are even better. The surprise of seeing Ked Frank for the first time in a few years was my highlight of the weekend. I couldn't hug that kid enough! I've seen the other guys from our apartment in the past few months, and see two of them almost daily. Since Ked relocated back to Kentucky I haven't been able to connect with him.

Eric and I were already there, so I texted Kevin and Mark when I saw Ked. Kevin was able to come over, so that four of the six apartments mates could spend a little time with each other. I quickly made my way to the 586 to purchase 4 IBC cream sodas. We popped those tops off of the bottles and remembered a day when we got together weekly to enjoy those delicious drinks, as well as each other's companies. We called it "Beer and Bull", the IBC Cream Soda being the beer. So many good conversations, great fights, deep questions and honest reflections came from those times... and a lot of laughs.

It was one of the primary ways I learned about community at my alma mater, through a group of guys committing to nothing more than a block of time together with a good drink to share. That continues to be a good starting place for community.

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